Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aradhana (1976) – Telugu DVD Movie Watch Online and Free DVD Movie Download

Cast : NTR, Vanisri and others
Music : S.Hanumantha Rao
Producer :A.Pundari Kakshaya
Director :B.V.Prasad
Banner : Sri Bhaskara Chitra

Watch Aaradhana NTR Old Classic Movie Online :

Part-1 |  | Part-2

Download Aaradhana NTR Old Movie :

Part-1 |   | Part-2

Story Line:

Vanishri is a singer and Jaggayya is the main person who made her famous and taking care of her.Once Vanishri goes to some hill station for the relax and she meets NTR there and she observes that NTR also sings well.With encouragement from Vanishree, NTR also become a singer but Jaggayya is not happy with their friendship. Rest of the story is how NTR marries Vanishree after many twists.


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