Friday, December 10, 2010

Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam (1966) Telugu Old Classic Movie Watch Online and Download DVD

Cast: N T Rama Rao, Rajanala, Satyanarayana , Dulipala and others
Music: Raju T V
Banner: Ramakrishna Cine Studios
Story-Screenplay- Direction: N T Rama Rao
Producer: Nandamuri Harikrishna
Released on : 13th, January, 1966

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Story Line:

Sakuni (Dhulipala) is the uncle of Duryodhana (NTR) and incensed with his grandfather for insulting his mother Gandhari, invades his kingdom and takes the family captive. While everyone perishes in the hellhole, only Sakuni survives, and seeks revenge on Duryodhana. Before his death, Sakuni’s father tells Sakuni to make dice from his bones, and these magical dice can win him any game. Mending fences with the haughty Duryodhana, Sakuni manages to gain his confidence and plots his downfall. Simultaneously, the love story of Krishna (NTR) and Rukmini and the slaying of Jarasandha and Sisupala. While Rukma (Satyanarayana), the brother of Rukmini, wants to give his sister in marriage to his cousin Sisupala (Rajanala), Rukmini falls in love with Krishna (N T Rama Rao) and elopes with him. How Krishna helps the Pandavas in tiding over their harsh days when Duryodhana tries to burn their mansion and later mahabharatha war is the rest of the movie.


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