Friday, December 10, 2010

Pranam Khareedu (1978) Watch Chiru First Movie Online and Freee Download

Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Jaya Sudha, Chandra Mohan, Reshma Roy, K Satyanarayana
Producer : Kranti Kumar
Banner : Annapurna Cine Enterprises
Director : K Vasu
Released : 22 Sept 1978

Watch Praanam Kareedu – Chiranjeevi First Movie Online:

Part-1  |  | Part-2 |  | Part-3 |  | Part-4

Download Links for Pranam Karidu Movie:

Part-1  |  | Part-2 |  | Part-3 |  | Part-4

Story Line:

The movie depicts the crual lawless rule of the village zamindars in the pre-independent India . Kanakayya is also such a landlord, who, with the help of the village munisiff marries again a young girl, only to ill-treat her. Ill-treated by her husband, she gets same consoling from the landlord’s deaf and mute servant. The landlord’s brother-in-law who comes to visit him rapes the deaf and mute servent’s sister. When trying raise against this injustice,the servant also gets severely beaten up by the landlord, who suspects the relations between him and the landlady. later they both are killed by thelandlord and the enraged villagers in turn kill the landlord.


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