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Aa Naluguru (2004) Telugu DVD Movie Watch Online and Download Movie

Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Aamani, Raja and others
Music: R P Patnaik
Producer: Saritha Patra
Director: Chandra Siddarth
Year: 2004

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Part-1 |   | Part-2 |   | Part-3 |   | Part-4

Part-1 |   | Part-2 |   | Part-3 |   | Part-4

Part-1 |   | Part-2 |   | Part-3 |   | Part-4

Story Line:

Raghu Ramayya (Rajendra Prasad) is an editor. Raghu Ramayya is a kind-hearted person such as one explained in Chandamama stories. He goes to the extent of spliting his regular earnings into half. First part for his family and the second part for helping the needy. Raghu Ramayya is a very helpful person and helps one and all including his family in the same way. His wife Janaki (Amani), two sons Ping Pong and Raja and daughter Revathi are quite against this attitude. On the other hand Kotayya (Kota Srinivasa Rao) is a financier. He loans money on interest and is very strict with his business. For him nothing on earth could replace money. The family of Raghu Ramayya bring on severe pressure for money to pay donation to ping pong, donation of Raja’s SI job and helping Revathi to go to US. Though Raghu Ramayya rejects the idea of providing money for wrong reasons, he finally budges in due to the pressure put up by the family. He gets the loan from Kotayya to pay for the needs of the family. In a way he accepts the defeat of his ideology that love should be more valued than money in life and commits suicide.

The film starts off with Raghu Ramayya narrating the story to the Yama Kinkaras. After his death, Raghu Ramayya’s children take the money and hide in a hotel. They dont want to be bugged by the loaners. So, will the children come out to perform the final rituals to their father? Is money more valuable than love? Watch it on silver screen to find the answers.


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