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Gopi Gopika Godavari (2009) – Watch Telugu DVD Movie Watch Online and Free Download DVD RIp Movie

Cast: Venu, Kamalini Mukherji, Krishna Bhagavan, Kondavalasa, Jeeva, Kalyan, Jayalalitha, Geethanjali, Sana and others
Direction: Vamsi
Production: Ramesh Valluri
Music: Chakri
Banner: Maharshi Cinema

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Plot Summary:

Gopika (Kamalini) is a doctor. She runs a floating hospital on river Godavari. The boat tours the entire coast of the river and serves the patients. The running of the hospital is being taken care of and funded by an NGO. One Shyam (Kalyan), who has completed his MS in the US learns about the hospital and reaches India to run a similar service near Srisailam. Shyam loses his heart at first sight to Gopika. But the latter refuses his marriage proposal.

At this juncture, Gopika accidentally meets Gopi (Venu) over phone, which was forgotten by her close friend. Soon Gopika comes to know from Gopi that her close friend committed suicide. Gopika’s friendship with Gopi continues over phone and they keep talking hours together. Soon they fall in love.

Their plans to meet each other fail due to some circumstances. Gopika’s mother (Jayalalitha) who believed that Gopika is talking to Shyam till then learns that it was not Shyam but Gopi. She wants to see Gopi. Unfortunately, Gopi, who was coming to meet Gopika, loses his memory after being attacked by some goons. Gopika saves him and treats him not knowing that he is Gopi and she names him Prabhu. Does Gopi regains memory? Who does Gopika marries at the end?


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